2010 4th of July Turtle Race

Another Successful Turtle Race year.  We had a great turnout again this year, our 10th year anniversary.  We had 93 Turtles register, and 10 heats of racing, with one Final heat to get our Grand Prize winners.  The weather was perfect but a little hot, the only one who really felt the heat was Terry the Turtle our Mascot.  It was his premier this year, and I would like to thank Andrew Klarecki for bringing to life Terry the Turtle for us this year and additional thanks to my volunteers, as always the whole Klarecki family, Sue Meinke who volunteered to help me for my first race in 2000 was here to celebrate the 10th anniversary and help out, also helping out was my photographer Meghan O'meara, and Erik Lince, Renee Humphreys, Macy Hogg, Aaron Gibson, and Brianna Gibson.  Thanks Volunteers!  This years winners are: 1st place: Landen Thompson #51, 2nd Place: Logan Westerhoff #66  3rd Place:  Ryan Robinson # 23.

Nancy Gibson
Turtle Race Coordinator

2010 Turtle Race winners

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